Harvest Time in Ballagh School

The children reaped the benefits of their hard work when they harvested their crop of vegetables recently.  As you can see, the school garden was a very successful ventue.

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Tag Rugby Blitz

The children from 3rd to 6th class had a great day of tag rugby in Creggs Rugby Club recently.20180928_111534-1 20180928_130533 20180928_131512

Jasmine’s Winning Art

At a recent Enterprise Awareness workshop in the school, all the children took part in an art competition to design artwork and a slogan.  Congratulations to Jasmine Gibbons, who had the winning entry and her artwork will now represent Ballagh school in the next stage of the competition.20181005_150102

The Vikings come to Ballagh School

We would like to sincerely thank Roscommon County Council who provided funding for a visit from Heritage in Schools Expert, David Swift.    Dave Swift has been working in Ireland as a field-archaeologist since 1999. As founder of Living History & Re-enactment group ‘Claíomh’ he has been involved in Irish historic recreation work for more than 20 years taking part in events in Iceland, Italy, England, Scotland, Denmark and Sweden as well as in Ireland. Dave often gives lectures and demonstrations at the National Museum of Ireland, the Royal Irish Academy, OPW heritage sites, Irish Walled Towns Network Festivals, Third Level Institutions and Local Historical Societies. He has several television and film credits working variously as armourer, historical advisor, fight choreographer, props supplier, wardrobe assistant and actor. Recent projects compose a diverse range including ‘GPO Witness History’, ‘Medieval Dead’ (Series 3, Episode 4: ‘Gallowglass: Warlords Of Ireland’) and supplying uniforms to TG4’s 1916 comedy ‘Wrecking The Rising’.

During Dave’s school visit to Ballagh National School, Irish archaeology was animated for the children as they experienced an engaging demonstration on domestic and military life during a given historical period as chosen by the school. Approximately 100 artefacts were displayed in the classroom turning the school into a veritable museum for the day! These items ranged from swords and Viking jewellery to a range of medieval helmets. We choose the  historical time frame of  Viking Age Ireland: from the first recorded raid to the arrival of the Normans

During the session students were introduced to the fashions, military attire, weaponry, coinage and folklore/beliefs of the chosen historical period. Children got to inspect this unique collection of original and/or faithfully reproduced artefacts with their own hands. All reconstructions presented were thoroughly researched and are made to the highest international museum-grade standards – there is no skimping on quality! Traditional crafts and materials examined by the students include those derived of metal, leather, wood, glass, ceramic, antler, bone and horn.

A lively historical narrative was given throughout the session explaining the major characters, social conditions and customs of the time.

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School Garden

On our return to school we were delighted to see how our school garden had blossemed over the summer months. We hope everybody enjoyed tasting the beetroot, onion and lettuce, and we will soon have carrots, parsnips and turnips to harvestP1030486 P1030488 P1030489 - CopyP1030487 - Copy

Táin March 2018

Last Friday was a very exciting day for pupils from 3rd to 6th class as they travelled to Rathcroghan Heritage Centre to greet Queen Medb and her warriors as they set out on their long walk across the country.  Earlier in the week the children took part in a workshop with Heritage Expert Chris, where they learned all about the ancient saga, of Queen Medb of Connacht’s desire to possess the Great Brown Bull of Cooley, Donn Cuailnge.  In memory of this legendary event, an annual Táin March takes place, starting at Rathcroghan.  The boys and girls looked spectacular in their costumes and the history of the Táin March came alive for them for an afternoon in Tulsk.

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WOW Day at Ballagh NS

The sun shone on us as we walked to school on National WOW Day.  What a great way to start the day.

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Scríobh Leabhar Success

A big congratulations to all our prize winners in the Scríobh Leabhar competition run by the Carrick-on-Shannon Education Centre.  The children had to design and write an Irish story book.  They are pictured below receiving their certificates of achievement.Scríobh Leabhar

Connacht Rugby Halftime Show

There was great excitement before Easter when we learned that the senior room pupils in Ballagh NS had been selected to take part in the Halftime show at the Connacht V Edinburgh Rugby match at the Sportsground in Galway on March 23rd.  The 12 children from 3rd to 6th class travelled by bus to Galway with teacher, Ms. Nolan and Principal, Ms. O’Connor.  It was a wonderful experience for the children to form the guard of honour as the Connacht and Edinburgh players ran out on the pitch to begin their match.  After a very enjoyable first half, the children eagerly took to the pitch for their chance to play rugby in this renowned Sportsground Stadium in front of a large crowd. We would like to thank Connacht Rugby for organising this event.

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A message from our Green Schools Team


Please Remember our Ballagh National School Green Code:




Weather permitting we hope to hold a WOW before or directly after the Midterm break from Niamh Hanley’s house..more information will issue via Text a Parent.


Recent Walk to School Commendation Award Winners

Come rain or shine the following pupils are making great “strides” to walk to school….well done to our Junior pupils for reducing their carbon footprint even in the most inclement weather conditions.




We hope to shortly recommence our Walk to School initiative and we would love to see plenty of people walking to school  everyday or join us on our WOW Days….please remember safety comes first:

1,2,3, Safe Cross,

4,5,6, Safe Cross,

1,2,3,4,5,6, Safe Cross Code

Remember, one, look for a safe place

two, don’t hurry, stop and wait,

three, look all around and listen before you cross the road,

remember, four, let all the traffic pass you

five, then walking straight across you

six, keep watching,

that’s the Safe Cross Code!!!!!



Our New Year ‘Bike to School’ tips from Green Schools Ireland

Travel theme

As many of us already know, cycling is a great form of exercise; an efficient form of travel; and a useful way to wake up and gear up for the day ahead. If you received a new bike for Christmas or have set a resolution to cycle to school this year, beginning to cycle for the first time can be a nervous yet exciting experience especially for Cycle on Wednesday Days!

Some of you may have received new bicycles for Christmas but, new or used, always ensure your bike is in working order before beginning a journey.  Check your brakes work, the tyres are the correct pressure, the chain is nicely greased and that your gears work – if you have them. Oh and don’t forget to bring your lock to keep your bike nice and safe at school.

If you are new to cycling to school then you may want to think about, and plan, your journey. A useful way of getting familiar with your route and confident is to cycle with someone more experienced. Alternatively, you may want to cycle on a quieter day e.g. Saturday or Sunday.

Cycle mindfully – by this I mean: be aware of your surroundings and never take for granted that people can see you or know what you are going to do and vice versa. Always cycle responsibly (respect the rules of the road) and safely.  If you have to cycle on a footpath at any part of your journey to school remember you are the guest and always give priority to pedestrians.

Cycle your way – be it cycling in your school uniform, cycling a racer to cycling a BMX, it is really important that you cycle your way and enjoy how you do.

If you can’t cycle to school then don’t be disheartened, there are many ways to enjoy the bicycle e.g. socially with your friends; as a sport – join a club and or go mountain biking or on your school holidays.