Congratulations to Anna Cox who recently, in her own personal time, entered a competition of interest to her which was run by the Roscommon Arts Centre. The national theme for this year’s Poetry Day April 29th is “New Directions: Maps and Journeys”.

Anna composed a short poem that simply began with “I hope…..”

Her work has been published into a virtual poetry card. We wish her every success in her Poetry writing in the future.


I hope in a day, a month or a year

Everyone will be happy.

not a worry nor a fear

All the people can come together at last

We can pick up the pieces

Pick them up fast

The world will still go on,

In its old fashioned way

I hope everything will be fine,

Normal and okay

I hope we can flourish

like the seed of a tree,

And that there will be enough happiness

For you and me