Dear School Community,

This year we are working hard towards obtaining our fourth green flag. Our theme is based on Travel. We have worked hard in the past on the Green Schools themes of “Litter” and “Energy”  “Water” and we continue to maintain these themes.

We have a committee to represent all our hard work and to help think up ideas on how to travel to school in an eco-friendly manner.

We monitor our modes of transport to school and we are currently working on the Environmental Review and Action plan for the Travel theme. We hope to hold some Action Days in the future and we have lots of exciting activities planned. We realise Climate Change is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by all nations. We are willing to make a contribution within our school and community. As part of our Curriculum and Greenschools work, we have completed fieldwork with the help of Jillian Banahan and Caitriona our Green Schools Travel Coordinator. Recently, we went on a wonderful walkability audit and SESE walk in the locality to assess where we might locate our park and stride location for our WALK ON WEDNESDAY initiative.

There are seven steps to our Green Schools project:

  1. Select a Green Schools Committee.
  2. Environmental Review
  3. Action Plan
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation.
  5. Curriculum Work
  6. Informing and Involving.
  7. Green Code.


‘Walk, you’ll save fuel and you’ll feel cool!’