Ballagh NS learns all about The Irish Potato Famine

The pupils from Third to Sixth class has compiled fantastic projects on the theme of the Gorta Mó or The Irish Potato Famine.  They worked in groups to research online their projects in depth.  They integrated their work across the curriculum including making Art modals of Strokestown House, a labourer’s cottage, lazy beds, a landlord’s house and a famine ship replica.  They are busy learning famine ballads “The Fields of Athenry” and “Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears”.  The following are the project titles presented:

Group 1. Anthony & Ruairi – Strokestown House and the Irish Famine

Group 2. Michéal, James & Anna – The effects of the famine on Kilgefin Parish

Group 3. Jasmine & Emma – Evictions, Blight and the role of the Landlord in 1840’s & 1850’s Ireland

Group 4. Niamh, Jacob & Rebecca – Effects of the famine – population, emigration & coffin ships

Group 5. David, Emily & Tristan – The functions of workhouse & soup kitchens.

Group 6. Áine, Ava & Sophie – Dwelling types during the famine years

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