Useful Links to Websites

We understand people are sharing lots of useful links to websites across social media,which can be confusing to decide which is useful. This resource for Junior Infants to 6th Class  might narrow down the search and be worth exploring by the pupils if they get bored- don’t feel under pressure to use but we felt it was well structured and might be helpful at some stage if you wished during the closure. As a a school we wish to extend our thanks to Eimear Sheahan who created the padlet resource and Ger Ruane who shared this great padlet with lots of activities for home learning activities. Just click on the link or copy into your browser-

We hope this helps, remember anything that is suggested is a menu, pick what suits your day. Keep smiling and try to get  out in the garden to enjoy the good weather at the moment.

Best wishes- Staff of Ballagh National School.