Maths Week 2022

We had a ” Marvellous Maths Week 2022″. All classes participated in Maths Week and experienced technology and active learning through Maths. Each day the pupils completed Maths games, target boards, problem solving and on Thursday of Maths Week  we all used our Maths Eyes to  complete a trail in our local environment.
Target Boards we found to be  a great fun way for our class to practice arithmetic. Target Boards are very simple and doing them through the Maths Week website made  it a lot more fun for our class as we were using our Chromebooks and ICT in our learning. How they work is we were given a set of 9 numbers and using any of these numbers (only once in each expression) and the four operators, we found  out how many expressions we can make that makes up the target number. The idea is to come up with as many expressions using the numbers on the board and the operators + addition, – Subtraction, * Multiplication, / Division. Take a look at our photos of some our problem solving activities. Well done to all involved…..we love Maths!!