Green Schools update by Laoise

Hello! My name is Laoise.

I’m the Secretary on the Green Schools Committee. For the last two years, we have engaged with the topic ‘Global Citizenship Energy.’ Last year, we did projects like Wind Energy, Renewable Energy, Ocean Energy, Solar Energy and lots more. These projects were really fun and helped us understand energy more.

Every year we participate in the National Spring Clean project which we’ll be doing in the next few weeks. This is where we clean up the school and make it clean for our environment.

So what have we been doing lately?

For the last two weeks, the whole school has created their own sustainable cities. We were put into groups and it was a great success. They all look very cool and sustainable. Some of our cities have included the air to water system, the new reverse vending machines, solar panels, the Building Energy Rating (BER) system
and lots, lots more.

A few months ago, we installed our new ‘Smart Meter.’ The new meter is an excellent gadget. We now know the exact price and units used so no more estimating! The Education Officers and the Survey Managers go down every Wednesday and check the readings to see if there has been an increase or a decrease.

Every Tuesday, Ms Nolan and from Junior Infants to Fourth Class check the water meter to see if there has been an increase or a decrease in the readings also.

At the end of February, a man will come to assess our school and will notify us a few weeks later and tell us if we have done enough work to receive our Green Flag.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading my article.