School Events

Flag Ceremony 1916 Rising


From Tuesday, 15th March, we held a flag-raising ceremony in the school.

The pupils of Ballagh wrote their own Proclamation which was read out by 5th class pupils. Sixth class pupils read the Proclamation from 1916.  The children played the National Anthem on tin whistle and the flag was raised by the youngest and oldest pupil in the school – Leah Trimble Higgins and David Cullen.

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Grandparents Day Feb 2016

We celebrated Grandparents Day on Tuesday, 2nd February, as part of Catholic Schools Week.

Grandparents travelled from near and far to celebrate with us.  We held a prayer service and afterwards, the children performed for their grandparents, singing songs, reciting poems and playing tinwhistles.

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A Robotics Workshop was held in the school on Thursday, 11th February.  This workshop gave the children an opportunity to learn skills in the area of science technology, engineering, maths design and computer programming.

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Aistear – Careers and Occupations


As part of our Aistear topic for February, Occupations and People working in the Community, the children were brought on an exciting trip to Roscommon Fire Station where they got a detailed account of the role of the Fireman and the important job they do.

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Safer Cycling

Our Safer Cycling day was held in glorious sunshine on the 9th October 2015 and was thoroughly enjoyed by pupils from 2nd to 6th class. Each child had the opportunity to practice their cycling skills.
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